Rocky River, Ohio
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I ordered a gift online to PBK for my granddaughter a ride on fire truck monogrammed PBK said this item will be shipped with 5 to 7 days no cost for shipping great so far on dec 21st was call #1 to try and track it they said it should ship within a couple days being processes blah blah come the 23rd another person actually told it shipped and will be their tomorrow!YAY I called the 24th still processing and some girl said they were TOLD to say items were shipped for Xmas delivery lies next call 26th I was furious they said still being processed not shipped I spoke with Richard a supervisor and he apologized and said 30% discount I thanked him waited called the 28th no shipment still being processed next call 31st of dec spoke with Cheryl she finally told me the truth after I asked to speak with another supervisor she said this item has NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE every person and supervisor knew it wasn't on it's way being proceseased or even available I cried Cheryl said for all my trouble and all the lies the supervisor said I may order another gift for my granddaughter and they would comp this for me ...

free I have her extension and I just called today spoke with a Julie she didn't know this ext # and after repeatingly asking to speak with a supervisor and getting corporates number she was telling me and my daughter we were too rude to speak with and hung up

she said every call is recorded but I need to subpoena my voice recordings or even my own account and transcripts

so I'll hire my own attorney and do just that all because of POTTERY BARN KIDS LIES AND PROMISES TO MAKE RIGHT THEIR MISTAKE AND SEND A CHRISTMAS GIFT LONG OVER DUE AT THEIR EXPENSE BECAUSE ITS THEIR MISTAKE FROM DAY 1 and getting hung up on was the topping of the shitshow cake I will tell every person on FB and continue to tell my local news what my experience was and continue to report to sites like this AND EVERY BBB SITE AND CONSUMER SITE FROM THIS MOMENT ON !!!!UNTIL THE MAKE THIS WRONG RIGHT AND KEEP THEIR PROMISE

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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