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I received an e-mail from Pottery Barn Kids after I left a message on their Facebook wall. They had ignored all my private messages on Facebook and e-mails until I left a public message for them.

Their e-mail states they sent me a letter in which they mention that because they didn't please me they thought it would be best for me to not purchase from them again.

WHO WOULD BE PLEASED WHEN THEY SPEND A THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A CRIB and have this crib installed not safely and can't use that crib for MONTHS until the problem is resolved?

OH and on the process they scratched my furniture too!!! WHO WOULD BE PLEASED WITH THAT?

After I received my refund, I didn't complain again.

But because I complained when the whole issue was going on, I ended up banned? So this company think they can do whatever they want and they expect their customers to not complain or they ban them?!?!?!?!?!

Original review posted by user Feb 04, 2016

I have being a customer for years until about 4-5 years ago when I ordered a crib for my son.

I paid to get the crib installed by your company and the person who installed it, didn't do correctly. The crib was very wiggly (and my son was only a newborn). I contacted the store and they sent the crew here again and they saw some screws were missing and placed on wrong places and for that reason the crib wasn't installed correctly which was very unsafe for a newborn.

Then your store had to replace the part that wasn't installed correctly because during the process of installing it, I think the screw that was placed wrong got stuck and wouldn't come out..

When the replacement part arrived at my home, it was scratched. I think another replacement was sent and it was also scratched (I photographed all parts and sent to the right department back then - and refused those scratched parts since I had purchased and paid for a NEW crib and not a damaged one- those parts were sent back with your crew).

For the problem this caused me, Pottery Barn Kids refunded me partially for me crib and sent me a $200 gift card.

Finally a part arrived without being scratched. In the process of bringing it into my home, it scratched my leather ottoman (which I showed to the worker who did it). Again, I called pottery barn and they told me to instead of using the $200 gift card, they would refund me for the remaining amount of the crib and I agreed.

This whole process lasted about 3 months (that my son wasn't able to use his expensive crib!), I can't remember correctly since it has been so long.

I still had to keep my scratched leather ottoman though and accept that damage wouldn't be paid.

After that I received a letter from pottery barn to let me know that since your store wasn't able to "please

me" that it would be better for me to not order from the store anymore. I do not know any mom on this planet that would be happy to pay over a thousand dollars in a crib and have it installed unsafely and then being unable to use it for 3 months.

I think anyone in my position wouldn't have been pleased! And before that incident I had ordered TONS of items from your store.

Having said that, I have being trying to place orders for 5 years now and they all get canceled by Pottery Barn.

My husband never ordered anything before and his orders also get canceled.

I would like to understand what is going on and why are we being discriminated by your store?

This whole situation is so ridiculous. The store was at fault and that is why they offered to send me a refund. And now I can't place orders, really?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Pottery Barn Kids Cons: How i am being treated, Lack of response, Being transferred to different departments, Nobody knows what is going on.

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You basically got a 1,000 crib for free for being nit picky..they don't want to take the chance of loosing more money from someone. .no bussiness would..just sayin


If you consider having a crib not safely installed in your house which could have taken the life of your newborn away "nit picky" that is your issue. It was such a big deal that the company itself agreed to return the full money.

On top of that they scratched my furniture in my house and I wasn't able to use the crib I had purchase for my newborn for MONTHS until they actually corrected their mistake.

So don't be ignorant and leave a *** comment like this.

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